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Why Now

Why Now

After admission in 1997, our founder took a sabbatical from law to launch securing venture capital, attracting the country’s leading mass-participate sporting events in becoming the world’s first online entry and event management portal.

After exiting in 2002, he traveled extensively abroad and returned to South Africa to establish KWP Attorneys, building it to a multi-partner practice by the late-2000s, before relocating to to Ireland (a dual SA/Irish national), to open a remote offshore office focusing on offshoring and IP externalisation.

After developing a remote practice management solution, he was lured by TWI to assist with the development of its remote practice model and returned to SA in 2011 to take up a directorship.

Frustrated by the main shareholder’s motive to leverage fee-share associates to inflate perceived asset value for acquisition by a global firm, he reestablished KWP, soon realising that his passion lay not in setting up another conventional firm but in developing a turnkey niche legal practice solution and portal enabling sole and small practices (SSPs) to collaborate and develop as legal brands in their own right.

After trying and testing virtually every model as well as local and global legal practice management technology, Linklawyer was developed to be mutually beneficial, scalable and sustainable.