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It’s tough to start or take your practice to the next level

in a South African legal market where corporate and high-net-worth spend is captured by a few powerful firms.

It’s time to turn the tables.

In South Africa, of the 12 373 registered practices, 10 182 are sole practitioners, 2 084 small practices with less than 9 attorneys and less than 17 big firms with more than 50 attorneys.

Yet big firms dominate corporate and high-net-worth clientele.

Big firms spend millions on infrastructure, hardware, software, staff, traditional and digital marketing to secure clientele. Raising the sole practitioner’s barriers-to-expansion to unprecedented levels.

Opportunities at big firms are limited and often go hand-in-hand with complex internal politics and arduous office-bound hours, which conflict with family and a work/life balance.

Without capital and capacity, new and sole practitioners are forced into general practice and self-administration, at the opportunity cost of work/life balance and the level of specialisation sought after by corporate and high-net-worth clientele.

While independence drives lawyers to go at it alone and some survive, interdependence is ultimately what is required to create the capacity to specialise and attract the quality clientele to thrive.

Practitioners often fail to refer non-core work for fear of losing the client, having to negotiate, account for and collect an allowance as well as not being able to monitor both the fees billed and/or the quality of work performed.

Previous endeavours to create shared office space for SME practitioners have been on a small local scale and fallen short of the likes of Regus in the non-legal space.

Linklawyer is not merely another spin on legally exclusive space, it is an entire legal-tech-space–staffing–management-bookkeeping-trust-collections-referral-digital-marketing solution.. more.

All our members need to do is plug in their expertise and its all systems go.

Linklawyer confronts the challenges created by this environment and aims to disrupt the big law firm monopolies.

Our innovative platform caters to the specialised needs of sole legal practitioners. We provide infrastructure and services, which allow for powerful collaboration to not only meet, but exceed, the capacity of large firms.

Why Now

With a background in IT and after many years in Law, Linklawyer’s founder realised that the future of legal practice and indeed his passion, lies not in building and locking practitioners into a large firm, but in a portal and brand linking interdependent practitioners via inter alia  smart legal-tech and a mutually beneficial financial model.

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Fee structure

All of the benefits are provided for 15-25% of gross fees collected, meaning that there is no start-up cost or monthly overhead for members’ practices**.

* The higher the gross the lower the %.
** Subject to general terms and conditions governing ongoing service levels and performance.

Join Us

.. in our mission to become the first national network of interdependent practitioners.

We are looking to form an association of 4-5 reputable practitioners as co-founding members prior to our official launch.

Along with the benefits to own practices listed above, co-founders will be both shareholders and directors in Linklawyer (Pty) Ltd.

Should you be interested or require further information, kindly submit your details using the form provided or contact us on (011) 789-1785/4/3

All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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