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Why Join Linklawyer Now

Linklawyer is a turnkey success solution for sole and small practices (SSPs)— Offering every conceivable tool for SSPs to develop as legal brands in their own right— which per se differentiates us from the ubiquitous associate programs offered by conventional law firms seeking to leverage practitioners to build their own brands.

Our proprietary 6-step success system comprising of— Becoming-1 by plugging into our end-2-end legal practice management and collaboration solution as well as our 3-win-win-win origination and referral model 4-profit-ability in the short-term and 5-year brand development journey, building an origination fee in perpetuity as an asset for 6-cession— makes Linklawyer not only a great entry platform for new practitioners but also a lucrative exit strategy for consulting or retiring practitioners.

And— for those not ready to take the leap into practicing-for-own-account— an associate program is available via our founding members.

Linklawyer covers every profitable avenue into or out of legal practice— All practitioners need to do is plug in their expertise and its all systems go.

There are no joining fees or monthly overheads*

All of the benefits are provided for 15-25%** of gross fees and only when collected by linklawyer on the members behalf.

* Subject to general terms and conditions governing ongoing service levels and performance
** The higher the gross the lower the %

Join Us

.. in becoming the first and foremost national network of interdependent practitioners.

We are looking to form a core group of  like-minded practitioners as co-founding members prior to our official launch.

In addition to the benefits to own practices listed above, co-founders will be both shareholders and directors in Linklawyer (Pty) Ltd.

Should you feel that you can relate to our vision or require further information, kindly submit your details using the form provided or contact us on (011) 789-1783/5

All applications will be handled in the strictest of confidence.

    Why Now

    Over the past few years there has been a distinct move away from brick ‘n mortar overheads which, exacerbated by the lockdown, will undoubtedly lead many small and solo practices (SSPs) to tend even more towards remote working and collaboration.

    With a background in IT, legal practice management and digital marketing, our founder has positioned linklawyer to enable SSPs to capitalise on current trends, gain traction and future proof operations.

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