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As practitioners, we are all adversely affected by maladministration in critical areas like the Courts, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), the Deeds Offices, and the Master’s Offices.

While large firms have the capacity to pursue their own interests, we, as small and sole legal practices (SSLPs) are so embroiled in managing our own practices that addressing these inefficiencies takes a back seat to survival.

The interests of SSLPs have become less, rather than more, accentuated after government’s dissolution of the Law Societies via the Legal Practice Act.

The Lockdown has exacerbated the challenges faced by SSLPs and, at the outset, the Legal Practice Council announced that it would be “affording serious consideration to establishing a benevolent fund to assist members of the legal profession who are adversely affected as a result of the lockdown.” Since, however, the LPC’s voice has been notable in its absence.

The latest announcements illustrate a strong focus on racial representation within the profession, despite assurances that this was not to be a criteria of relief funding, a cause which the DA is presently pursuing.


The LFEA is a non-political, public benefit organisation (PBO) established by SSLPs which aims to establish a critical mass of SSLPs on the premise that ‘community is unity’.

Our mission is to ensure that SSLPs interests are represented and that relevant administrators are held accountable in the mission critical areas mentioned above. Effectively addressing the cause rather than perpetually grappling with the symptoms involving time that simply cannot be billed to clients, who simply cannot relate, never mind afford.

Our first port of call is to assist SSLPs recover from the Lockdown and adapt to the ‘new normal’ in areas including practice management, cutting costs, access to optimisation of TERS and relief funding—Thereby galvanising SSLPs in assisting their own client, individuals, SMEs and related organisations in expediting the #unlockdown and recovering from it.


As proactive SSLPs, we have always been at the forefront of various initiatives including engaging: –

  • the erstwhile law society with regard to the inefficiency experienced at the CIPC specifically with regard to the online ticketing system and the ombudsman which has unfortunately proven to be the epitome of bureaucracy and which the LPC has failed to address;
  • the DOJ with regard to maladministration in the various Magistrates’ Courts;
  • the DA with regard to the inefficiency experienced with High Court filing as well as the implementation of Caselines;
  • the LPC in re taxation of fees;
  • the LPC regarding Covid-19 relief funding;
  • the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs regarding the amendment to the provisions regulating the movement of children during lockdown;
  • GOLFRSA and the Club Management Association of Southern Africa (CMASA) in formulating a legal strategy for the return of amateur golf

In addition to the aforementioned initiatives, we have also recently initiated a group on LinkedIn called #Unlockdown to provide a platform for SSLPs to showcase services and content in context. Feel free to join, share and share-a-like 😉

We have facilitated numerous successful TERS claims and would like to convey this to other SSLPs.

In terms of relief funding, we have investigated the various funds, alluded to in our article “Unlocking Tax, Funding & Legal Relief for Businesses,” the majority of which are simply not geared towards SSLPs.

We are accordingly approaching instructions in order to tailor a solution for SSLPs. LinkLawyer will, itself, provide matching funding in the form of advances against fees to be collected for its members firms who have experienced concomitant cash flow difficulty.

SSPs are by nature fiercely independent and, more often than not, too proud to ask for assistance, so if you know of any SSPs in need of assistance we encourage you to refer them to us.

Contact us if you require assistance or if you want to know more about how to become involved!


… to find out more about this initiative and how you can get involved.

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