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Supreme Leagle Placements

Supreme Leagle’s mission in context is to identify, place and develop legal talent into leading specialists in their respective fields of expertise.

We in addition facilitate client-base and start-up and sole legal practice (SSLP) development programs with our member firms as distinct from restrictive ‘associate programs’, which firms use to develop their own brands and client bases. Our programs are designed to assist start-up and sole legal practitioners (SSLPs) develop their own client bases guaranteeing retention of ownership of clients originated with a view to building their own brands and setting up their own practices via linklawyer’s support services.

Current positions include:

For future use:

Rather than the usual recruitment process we facilitate the placement of candidates remotely at a far and participate actively in the training, HR of the candidates we effectively outsource.

Should a practice decide to take on one of our candidates permanently, only 7.5% market-related fee becomes payable but only after the mandatory 90 day probation period and we manage the HR and 1% per annum thereafter.

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