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Member Benefits

Linklawyer is a turnkey solution for sole and small practices offering every conceivable tool required to launch and expand. Our services include:

Fully Equipped & Staffed Offices

Reception & Meeting Rooms

Receptionist, Candidate Attorneys, Filing Clerks, Cleaners, Driver etc

Shared Work Space (dedicated space available for expansion)

Filing Room with Industrial Copiers


Leading global remote practice management application

Dedicated extensions via PBX

Document management

Client portal

100mbps dedicated uncapped fibre

Bookkeeping & Collections

Full Bookkeeping including Trust Accounting & Audit

Monthly firm management reports

Handling of entire collection process

Shared Legal Resources




Ghost Convey

PR & Marketing

Legal Brand development & Digital Marketing

Content and Copywriting

  Lead Generation

Social Media Optimisation

Co-marketing via traditional PR, legal Shows & Expos


Client Origination & Referral

20% Origination fee in perpetuity

Seamless Collaboration and Referral of non-core work

Full transparency and access to work generated and fees written via client portal

Start-up Cash Flow Assistance

Start Up Cash Flow Assistance to new practitioners via advances on fees to be collected

Ancillary Services

Driver & Delivery vehicle

Taxation: Drafting and Attendance

Company & Trademark registrations