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Association Opportunities

 1. Full Membership at ZERO joining fees or monthly overheads 

Should you currently meet or exceed our minimum turnover threshold* and wish to move and plug your practice into linklawyer, we have the option of a turnover deal including all our member benefits for a percentage of fees collected on a sliding scale from 15-25%**.   

If you are not quite there yet but are confident and can establish that you have a client base capable of reaching the minimum threshold, we will even extend an advance on fees to be collected to ease your start-up cash flow constraints. 

 2. LOW overhead bespoke fully serviced and furnished shared legal office space plus linklawyer lite referrals and optional extras 

Should you be starting out as an established specialist or looking to cut costs, we offer fully serviced and furnished bespoke legal office space at a low monthly overhead at “The Firm” far superior to that offered by generic shared office space providers, plus a seat on the linklawyer lite referrals panel in your area of expertise as well as access to add-on services set out in member benefits at a discounted cost to be provided on application.

3. ZERO overhead Virtual Office, Remote Practice.

Linklawyer offers a virtual office solution that includes all of the member benefits for 15% of fees collected by us on your behalf i.e. You do law and we do your admin and marketing.

This service enables you to build your practice and client base without a monthly overhead and to progress to option 1 or 2 when and if the need arises.

 4. Associate Program GUARANTEED Origination fee in perpetuity. 

If not ready for any of the above, you have the option of joining our founding members’ associate fee share program and building your own client base with the option of starting your own linklawyer practice at any stage with the peace of mind of retaining ‘proprietorship’ of your client base via our origination fee in perpetuity model.

* R100k and subject to general Ts&Cs;
** The higher the gross the lower the percentage, which includes a collection commission of 10%
***Rental options are contingent on the space and additional services required. Contact us to tailor a low-cost bespoke solution to fit your needs.

Contact us to tailor a low-cost bespoke solution to fit your needs.

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