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How Linklawyer Assists You, the Client.

How Linklawyer Assists You, the Client.

How Linklawyer assists you, the client.

Consulting with new lawyers is intimidating at the best of times. There are vital aspects to glean during the process of determining whether a practitioner is right for your matter. As the law is diverse and the world has become highly specialized, General ‘Jack’ Practitioners are to be avoided.

But who are the real specialists? Are they senior enough for your matter? Are they affordable? LINKLAWYER helps you get to the bottom of it in determining:

  • Whether or not the practitioner has the appropriate expertise;
  • Is reputable with relevant references;
  • The lawyers’ hourly rates or whether a tariff applies, limiting such rates as well obtaining an estimate, if applicable and required by the Legal Practice Act.

Linklawyer facilitates this process by asking the awkward questions for you in advance and arranges complimentary introductory remote consultations with various specialists on our panel to enable you to select the best practitioner for your matter.

Once mandated we assign a relationship manager to you to oversee the relationship and billing (which lawyers are notorious for overdoing). We obtain the best rates for you and hold all payments in trust, only to be released on your approval. Should you feel aggrieved, we assess the billing and if unreasonable, we mediate on your behalf.

Our specialists are by definition not encouraged to handle matters in which they do not specialize. We hold our specialists to account for high standards and if you are not happy with the level of service provided or require a specialist for a different matter, we minimize the discomfort by terminating the mandate on your behalf and facilitating the appointment of an apt practitioner.

Best of all, the above is provided at no cost to you the client!

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