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Referral Allowance & Process Detail

Referral Allowance & Process Detail
Linklawyer referral allowance

We facilitate and manage referrals between specialist practitioners on a 1/3 allowance basis. Once a common practice, the 1/3 allowance faded into relative obscurity due not only to the effort and energy involved in sourcing specialists, negotiating, accounting for and collecting a commission, but also the fear of losing the client in the process.

We provide the platform and support services to enable easy, efficient and secure referrals, managing the entire process enabling instructing members to access and monitor the quality of work, fees written and collected online via our matter management system, ensuring total transparency and peace of mind of maintaining the relationship with the client.

Referrals are posted on linklawyer and we source up to three specialists, compile a synopsis on each outlining the relevant qualifications, experience and hourly rate pertaining to the relevant area of expertise and inter alia facilitate a 15-minute introduction via Zoom where required, between each specialist, instructing firm, and the client to assist the latter in making a decision.

The allowance applies only to matters billed on hourly rates and not on tariff-based matters or disbursements such as counsels’ fees, travel expenses, and sheriff’s charges. The specialists are required to provide an estimation of fees in advance in order to enable linklawyer to ensure that sufficient cover is retained in the instructing firm’s trust account. The instructed practitioner is to account to the instructing firm on no less than a monthly basis and provide a credit of 1/3 on all fees invoiced. Payment is made within 14 days of the end of each month in which invoices and credit notes are submitted by the instructed firm.

Should you wish to be considered for inclusion on our panel, in your area of expertise, email us a synopsis of your credentials in your chosen area, as well as an estimate and or fixed cost quote to

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